BRANY’s goal was to communicate their story without sacrificing regulatory language accuracy and important details about their services. Telling it from the customers point of view lent power and clarity to their story.
In less than a month, inquiry volume has already increased.


Engage company leaders in the conversation
BRANY’s employees are a huge asset and what makes them unique, so the website design brings them front and center to tell the story of the services.
The structure of the service pages allows BRANY to talk about the multiple facets of their services without overwhelming users.


Intuitive navigation and responsive

We collaborated with BRANY to come up with and simpler and more intuitive structure for their unique combination of services that we could use as the foundation for the site navigation.
Understanding that many of their customers are busy hospital administrators and researchers, we upgraded with the website to be mobile responsive.

Quicker access for current customers
BRANY wanted to ensure that their customer could find the tools and forms they needed quickly. We structure a whole section of the site dedicated to customer tools, automated many of the forms and added easy to find links for logins and frequently used tools.