Opening a new revenue stream with an award winning app

The Biomedical Research Association of New York (BRANY) wanted to find a way to increase revenue, broaden their reach, and strengthen relationships with their current base. They had thought about developing an app that was in line with their brand, but what kind of app would be useful for their audience and accomplish their goals?

We kicked off this project with a research study to hone in on the needs of our audience and create a concept for the app. Based on this information, we designed an app that significantly improves the process of writing clinical research protocols. The app offers a guided experience, expert tips, a robust resource center, collaborative capabilities, and many more features.

We developed the name and brand positioning for Protocol Builder® and launched it with a website and a provocative marketing campaign. Protocol Builder received Gold Awards for “Best New Service Award or Application” and “Health Application” in the 2015 USA [app] design awards.


Six figure results

Protocol Builder gave BRANY a new six figure revenue driver that broadens their business and drives interest in their other services.